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NBA to cancel more games, won’t be the last time says Jared Dudley

The NBA has already canceled the first two weeks of the
regular season on account of the lockout, and it appears
more missed games are on the way.

Rumor has it the league is set to forego another two weeks, a
prospect Suns forward and team player representative Jared
Dudley tweeted about.

Sad to hear the NBA will probably be canceling 2 more
weeks of the season. Even more depressing it most likely
want be the last time

This NBA at best want start until Dec.. Owners want
players to miss checks.. Not just 1-2 of em but make
players give in to their demands

Dudley’s tweets give a glimpse into the general pessimism
the players have these days, as it appears the work
stoppage could continue on for a while. It is important to
keep in mind that anything Dudley says is from the
player’s perspective, and it’s likely both sides of the
issue are to blame for what’s going on.

At the end of the day, though, fans probably don’t care
too much about who is holding up the games. They just want
the players back on the court — not in it.

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