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Colangelo remains optimistic

There have been hours and hours of talks between owners
and players in the National Basketball Association
concerning the NBA lockout that has at least delayed the
2011-12 season.

One thing that’s been missing in all of these talks is

Former Suns owner Jerry Colangelo, who has a little
experience in dealing with an NBA work stoppage, actually
projected a positive attitude in an interview with ESPN Radio’s Colin
, which is heard on Arizona Sports 620.

“I’m the eternal optimist,” Colangelo said. “When things
are the bleakest is when I think there’s a chance to make
a deal.”

Colangelo also offered some advice to the owners. “If you
focus only on the bottom line, and not the big picture,
you tend to make decision that affect how you operate,” he
said. “There has to be a balancing act at all times.”

Cowherd asked Colangelo what his top concern as an NBA
owner was, and his answer was somewhat surprising.

“The sanctity of the game was more important than the
bottom line,” Colangelo said, eluding to his roots as a
coach, scout and general manager in the league before he
became an owner in 1987.

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