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Amare Stoudemire: New York a better situation than Phoenix

When Amare Stoudemire signed with the New York Knicks last
summer he left a team that had just gone to the Western
Conference Finals for one that hadn’t made the postseason
since 2004.

So, maybe it’s just a little interesting that Stoudemire’s
new team was in the playoffs last season while his old
one, unfortunately, was not.

The Knicks, as we know, teamed superstar Carmelo Anthony
with Stoudemire last season and added Tyson Chandler in
the last week, and are now primed to be one of the East’s
best teams.

Needless to say, Stoudemire does not regret his decision
to leave Phoenix.

“Looking at the situation in Phoenix, we were one game
away from The Finals that year (2009-10),” Stoudemire told the New York Post. “The following
year, the tables turned, the Lakers went down and Dallas
won the championship and we were right there with Dallas
and now Oklahoma City is that next team. If everything
remained the same in Phoenix, we would’ve been contending
for a title again.

“The good thing for me, I’m on the opposite coast now with
a team that has a chance to win a title also,” Stoudemire
added. “I feel good about my position.”

Indeed, the Suns and Knicks seem to have gone in different
directions since the All-Star left town, as the Suns
missed the playoffs last year and are not expected to do
much this season.

So even though Stoudemire may not miss Phoenix, it’s
probably safe to say Phoenix misses Stoudemire.