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Grant Hill is working his way back to form

Eric Gordon was dribbling the clock down as the fourth
quarter came to a close with the Hornets trailing the Suns
by one.

Jared Dudley was in front of him, and the second Dudley
took a slight step back Gordon rose and fired for what
became the game winning shot. It wasn’t bad defense, but
in that situation the Suns have been accustomed to another
player getting the assignment with the game on the line.

“The other night Grant [Hill] would have normally guarded
Gordon,” Suns coach Alvin Gentry said in regards to the
Suns final defensive possession. “He is struggling and
doesn’t quite have his legs under him yet. In most of
those situations Grant will be the guy guarding him.”

The Suns return to the court Wednesday to take on a
Philadelphia 76ers squad that won both meetings between
the two last year.

If you want to look for a sign Hill has made strides from
his right-knee sprain, pay attention to the defensive
matchups against the 76ers.

76ers point guard Jrue Holliday and small forward Andre
Igoudala are the more effective perimeter players in their
starting lineup. If Hill is guarding either of them it is
fair to assume Coach Gentry has increased confidence in
the veteran’s health and conditioning. The 76ers’ weakest
link is shooting guard Jodie Meeks. If Meeks is Hill’s
defensive assignment, Grant most likely isn’t ready to go
full throttle.