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Raise the white flag? No, that’s not how it’s done

At 1-5 the Cardinals’ 2011 season, for all intents and
purposes, is over.

There will be no division title, no wild card berth, no
magical playoff run and no Super Bowl.

Honestly, at this point, nobody can even guarantee that
there will be anymore wins.

That, however, doesn’t mean it’s time to enter the Andrew
Luck sweepstakes, where teams may be trying to lose games
in an effort to land the number one pick in next April’s

“I would never fly the white flag,” Arizona Sports 620’s
Ron Wolfley said. “If you’re talking about going out and
losing games so that you can draft Andrew Luck, you are
absolutely out of your mind if that is your plan,

“That is not the way you ought to be thinking at all.”

Wolfley said there would be no bigger blemish or disgrace
on any player’s reputation if they were to quit on a

That doesn’t mean, however, the Cardinals should not give
their younger players more snaps to see what they can do.

“You’re one and five right now for a reason,” Wolfley

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