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Markieff Morris: I am taking all bets

Markieff Morris doesn’t say much; and when he does he’s very soft-spoken.

These days, however, he’s speaking loud and clear.

“I’m taking all bets,” Morris stated Sunday.

Morris’ Kansas Jayhawks will play for the National Championship Monday

“I was happy for those guys,” Morris said. “They fought hard.”

Had he not declared for the NBA Draft last April, Morris would’ve been a
senior on this year’s KU team.

“I had my shot last year,” Morris explained. “I was there with all those guys
that are there now. I know what they’re capable of. I knew this year would
be a good year for them.”

Kansas advanced to the title game with a 64-62 win over Ohio State,
Michael Redd’s alma mater.

“Of course,” Morris said when asked if he ribbed his teammate. “He just
keeps saying ‘You know, we should’ve won that game.’ I don’t know
nothing. I’m going off what I watched.”

And might there have been a wager involved on the game?

“He was suppose to have my Kansas gear on but I let him slide,” Morris
explained. “I don’t want him to wear it. It’s only for Kansas guys.”

Morris said he’ll watch Kansas go for its fourth NCAA championship with
his teammates in Sacramento, where the Suns play Tuesday.

“Kentucky is going down,” Morris said. “For sure.”

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