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Steve Nash to Raptors may be picking up steam

Of all the teams rumored to be of interest to Steve Nash,
one that many probably overlook is the Toronto Raptors.

Sure, the Raptors play in Nash’s home country, but they
aren’t exactly “ready to win”, which is a requirement many
feel Nash will have for whoever he signs his next contract

After all, if winning isn’t the issue, why leave the Suns
in the first place?

But that may not be the case, at least not entirely.

According to Randy Hill of, the
Nash-to-Toronto rumors may have something to them.

“I’ve been hearing that from people that would know,” said
one Western Conference sharpie, sounding very much like
the rest of us. “The Raptors may not be ready to win right
away, but with (Andrea) Bargnani, (DeMar) DeRozan and
maybe (Jonas) Valanciunas coming over next season, they
could be pretty decent right away with Nash. And they
could have enough cap space to get something done there.”

The Raptors do have some young talent — more than the
Suns can offer — but aren’t exactly a team on the cusp of
winning a title.

But as with any of the Nash rumors, we won’t truly know
anything until free agency begins July 1, as only then
will we find out who the point guard is talking with and
what teams he will consider joining.

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