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Raptors plan to send ‘contingent’ to woo Steve Nash

Back in the summer of 2004 Bryan Colangelo and the Phoenix
Suns sent a contingent of people to Dallas in the hopes of
convincing Steve Nash to leave for Phoenix.

It worked. And now Colangelo is going to try again.

Now in charge of the Toronto Raptors, it appears the
former Suns executive is going to pull out all the stops,
hoping to lure the two-time MVP away from his home of the
last eight years.

According to ESPN NBA insider (and Nash expert)
Marc Stein on Twitter:

Hearing Raptors want to park no less than a five-deep
contingent in Manhattan to woo Steve Nash as soon as


There is no telling how successful Colangelo will be this
time around, as Nash left Dallas eight years ago in large
part because Phoenix offered significantly more money. By
all accounts the Suns are planning on offering Nash a good
amount of cash now, so the Raptors should not be able to
“out-bid” their counterparts.

But, if Nash wants to win games, there are many who feel
Toronto would be a better place. And, the idea of playing
for the only team left in the point guard’s native Canada
has to be rather enticing.

Free agency officially begins at 9:00 p.m. Arizona time
Saturday, midnight eastern. Looks like Nash, who will be
in his summer home of New York, better not hit the sack

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