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Former Suns GM Kerr understands team’s low offer to Steve Nash

Had he not left the team following the 2010 playoffs,
current TNT broadcaster Steve Kerr would be the one on the
hook for whatever happens with Steve Nash this summer.

Reports are circulating that the 38-year-old point guard
has received an offer from the Toronto Raptors worth
roughly $36
million over three years
, while the Suns are
willing to pay the two-time MVP just $12 million over two

While one number may seem too high and the other too low,
the former Suns general manager said he understands where
the teams are coming from.

“I think Toronto has every reason to go after Steve,” he
told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Monday. “They can
kind of revitalize the city’s interest in the Raptors.”

While some may think the Raptors are overpaying, few are
really criticizing them for making the offer. A Nash-led
squad would certainly compete for a playoff spot, and he
may even have more value to the franchise off the court.

But the Suns’ offer is different. Most feel Nash is worth
more than that — especially considering he made nearly
$12 million for last season alone — and would wonder why
the team would ask him to take such a drastic paycut.

“I think it makes sense to move forward,” Kerr said of the
Suns and Nash. “I think everybody’s sort of afraid to
admit it, but it’s probably best for both sides to move on
at this point.

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