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Suns center Gortat admits he must play better

Phoenix Suns big man Marcin Gortat voiced displeasure with his role in the Suns’ system this season just a couple days ago to a Polish publication, but on Tuesday he already seemed to be backtracking a bit.

“It is what it is; I’m just going to work on it,” Gortat said after practice. “I’m not making shots that I usually make and I just got to work on it, that’s it.”

The 28-year-old is averaging 11 points, nearly 10 rebounds and three blocks per game, but those numbers are down from last season. Gortat says some of the changes in his numbers could be from changes in personnel.

“It’s a process,” he said. “I spoke with a few teammates and you know it’s going to be a process. There’s a lot of new guys on the team and we have a new team so we’re just going to work on it, that’s it.”

The Suns are also struggling to find their groove as a whole, with a 4-7 record and having lost three straight to the Bulls, Lakers and Heat. Gortat was asked about his frustration level possibly increasing because the team is losing.

“Listen, I as a basketball player am trying to make a step forward,” he said. “You know that’s what counts the most. I believe that if I am going to make a step forward and few other guys on the team are going to make a step forward, we are going to start winning more games.”

Through 11 games this season Gortat’s field goal attempts are down more than two per game from last year. That could be a result of him not working hard enough to get open looks or a result of the new system with Goran Dragic, but Gortat seems to take responsibility for his lack of scoring.

“The way I play, I definitely don’t think I can help the team to win the games and that’s frustrating, definitely,” he said. “Hopefully with the season and with the next few games, things are going to change.”

Gortat also said he feels the schedule allowed them to put some good time in this week with three straight days of practice and workouts. He and his teammates will take the floor next against the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night at US Airways Center.

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