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Suns release dates for retro jersey night

Over the summer, it was learned the 2012-13 Phoenix Suns would incorporate a retro look into their wardrobe.

The team would wear the alternate uniform it used from 1994-2000, which was black with the sunburst across the chest.

Now we know when the team will play in the old look.

According to, the Suns are one of seven NBA teams chosen to go retro this season, and they will do so for the first time on January 30 against the Lakers, and then again nine more times. The entire jersey schedule is below:

Jan. 30: Suns vs. Lakers
Feb. 10: Suns vs. Thunder
Feb. 12: Suns @ Lakers
Feb. 22: Suns vs. Celtics
Feb. 24: Suns vs. Spurs
Feb. 27: Suns @ Spurs
March 13: Suns @ Rockets
March 18: Suns vs. Lakers
March 24: Suns vs. Nets
March 30: Suns vs. Pacers

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