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Michael Porter Jr. takes pride in beating fans in 2K

If you want to challenge an NBA player to a game of NBA 2K, chances are most likely slim if you are playing Denver Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr.

Porter Jr. went to Twitter Tuesday to challenge local Denver fans to play him in 2K in person, and not for fun.

Porter’s first victim, @DMax0430 on Twitter, had to pay $200 after losing 61-40.

The next fan, @RoyalBeatBoxer on Twitter, risked his $800 pair of UNC Off-White Jordan 1s sneakers in a losing effort, 69-59.

After beating a third fan for cash, the Nuggets rookie decided to give it a rest. At least for the day.

But, fans didn’t get the memo for some reason. Porter Jr. apparently beat more fans and called them out on Twitter and posted the final score.

Who will be Porter Jr.’s next victim? He’s been beating up on fans so much that he’s contemplating retirement.

If you think you can beat Michael Porter Jr. in NBA 2K, or in real life, prepare to be disappointed.

Oh yeah. And don’t put your $800 sneakers on the line against him, either.

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