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The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

It’s been nearly 600 days since the Cleveland Browns last won a regular season football game, and thanks to a master marketing ploy by Bud Light, that is helping the beer company gain a lot of attention Tuesday.

That’s because the company announced a series of refrigerators placed in the Cleveland area that will be stocked with beer and locked up until the Browns win their first regular season game.

Those fridges will unlock the free beer via wifi when that happens, but here’s to guessing it won’t matter if a wifi password changes or the internet is down.

Yep. The jokes write themselves.

The best-case scenario is the Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 and the beer company profits off its charity.

The bester-case scenario is Cleveland loses a lot, fans play off the marketing campaign to create free advertising for Bud Light and the fridges sit in local bars chained up.

Don’t fear, Cleveland fans: according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Bud Light will restock the fridges with fresh brews every month if Cleveland can’t rack up a victory before the beers’ shelf lives pass.

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