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Looking at Dan Majerle’s future with Suns

Dan Majerle is not the head coach of the Phoenix Suns.

The man Cotton Fitzsimmons told every Suns fan they would regret booing, was hoping to be the next head coach. Just as his coach had drafted him to help change the Suns’ fortunes, he wanted to follow in Cotton’s footsteps.

Majerle had mixed feelings because no one likes to see their friend get fired, yet there was an NBA job opening with the team he loved the most. A job as an NBA head coach that he knows he is ready to accept.

“Listen,” Majerle said, “the fact it wasn’t working doesn’t mean Alvin can’t coach but maybe guys need a different voice. We all know it’s a business and change happens.”

Dan Majerle, Elston Turner and Lindsey Hunter interviewed for the job of head coach of the Phoenix Suns. Hunter was selected by GM Lance Blanks and president Lon Babby to take over the position in light of Alvin Gentry’s departure Friday.

“If I would have been the guy I would have given everything to the job,” Majerle told me during a phone conversation Sunday. ” If Elston would have been the guy, I would definitely stay on.”

A source had told me that the players had been asked by management (I wasn’t told who in management) what their thoughts would be on a potential interim coach. The majority of players sided with Majerle. One player even told me, “Dan was my guy,” after the news of Hunter’s hiring became public.

As this topic came up, Majerle said, “You didn’t hear that from me.” When I pushed him to let me know if that source was correct he simply said he was glad to have the players’ support but was in no way angling for it.

So I asked the question every Suns fan wants to know. I asked if Dan Majerle was going to stay on as an assistant coach. Right now, Majerle doesn’t know.

“I think we’ll get together and decide what’s best for the Suns and go from there,” he said.