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QB controversy brewing with Cardinals?

Kevin Kolb has struggled so far as the starting
of the Arizona Cardinals.

The team has a 1-6 record and Kolb’s 77.8 quarterback
ranks 24th in the league. And to top it off, Kolb
a turf toe injury early in last Sunday’s loss to Baltimore
and has yet to practice this week. There’s no official
word, but Kolb is not expected to play on Sunday against
the St. Louis Rams.

That could open the door for second-year quarterback John
Skelton to take over the reins of the offense, and any
a backup steps in for an injured starting quarterback on a
struggling football team, the rumor mill starts turning.

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski joined
Burns and Gambo for his weekly Thursday visit on Arizona
Sports 620, and quelled the talk of a quarterback
controversy with the Cardinals.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that Kevin Kolb is the
number one quarterback, and should be the number one
quarterback,” Jaws told the guys.

Jaworski also added that if Kolb is healthy enough to play
on Sunday, he should be out there.

“I think Kevin at this point in his career needs to be on
the field. If he is able to play, he needs the reps. He
needs to be out there with his team,” Jaworski said.

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