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Suns’ McCoy: Assistant deserves plenty of credit

LISTEN: Al McCoy, legendary voice of the Suns

In the wake of coaching changes for the Phoenix Suns, the team’s play-by-play man, Al McCoy, shared his thoughts on the two-game win streak since Lindsey Hunter took his turn at righting the ship.

During McCoy’s interview with Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf, he said that a lot of the credit should go to an unsung hero on Phoenix’s coaching staff, Igor Kokoškov.

“Igor is a very talented coach,” McCoy said. “I think sometimes he might be forgotten a little bit, but he’s certainly a veteran in this league.”

McCoy said Kokoškov is especially fit for the job as an assistant because of his offensive strategy.

Aside from being an assistant with the Suns, Kokoškov is the head coach of the country of Georgia’s national basketball team, which McCoy believes helps validate his position on the coaching staff.

“It’s very apparent that coach Lindsey Hunter wants Igor to be involved particularly offensively and I thought in the two games we saw the two working as a real team on the bench,” he said. “So I think Igor Kokoškov certainly will be a big help to Lindsey Hunter, no question about it.”