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Owners could have tough time appealing lockout ruling

ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack said NFL owners may have a tough time appealing the Monday ruling to end the lockout because the eighth circuit of appeals would have to decide Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling was completely wrong.

“This is one that’s really hard to predict,” Cossack said.

“It depends on what panel you get, it depends on if you get somebody who is business friendly, obviously the owners are in a much better position. But remember, the eighth circuit, whether they are business friendly or business unfriendly, they are going to have to make a decision that Judge Nelson’s ruling was totally wrong and that’s usually just a hard thing to do.”

Nelson ruled in favor of the player’s union Monday, effectively ending the lockout that restricted players from conducting any NFL business or workouts.

The owners filed an appeal shortly afterward, claiming the judge exceeded her jurisdiction.

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