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Ken Whisenhunt: John Skelton is a ready replacement for Kevin Kolb

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb may be battling a turf toe injury, but head coach Ken Whisenhunt has confidence in backup John Skelton should he need to start on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

“Last year, he didn’t have any reps, hardly, in preseason and he didn’t do anything during the season and then he was thrust into playing,” said Whisenhunt of Skelton, who struggled last season. “It was hard enough for him to call a play in the huddle last year. Now, at least, he understands the concepts. He doesn’t have to expend as much energy on making the correct call and he can focus it more on what his reads are, what he’s got to do with the ball.”

Whiz said that Skelton was a much better quarterback during this season’s camp, not because of the stats he posted, but because of the way he handled himself in the huddle and on the field. With the Cardinals obviously struggling, a calm Skelton would be better than the Skelton we saw last year, who looked like a deer in a linebacker’s headlights.

“Anytime you are thrust into it, it’s a tough situation and you can learn from it and get better and that’s what [Skelton] did,” Whisenhunt said.

Despite Whiz talking up Skelton, he didn’t deny that Kolb could still get the nod on Sunday.

“He’s better today than he was yesterday,” Whisenhunt said of Kolb. “We’ll see. It comes down to if he can push off and run on it.”

If he doesn’t start, Kolb could still be called on in certain situations, despite not practicing all week, Whisenhunt said.

“I’d consider it,” Whisenhunt said.

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