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Patrick Peterson: Sunday’s star, rising star

Most teams would not want to see their punt returner field
a kick at the one yard line. Don’t fair catch it and
certainly don’t try to return it.

Then again, most teams don’t have Patrick Peterson.

“You know, if you had asked me that eight weeks ago I
would have said probably not,” Cardinals coach Ken
Whisenhunt said of being OK with Peterson making a play on
that punt. “Not now. He’s just done too many things

Sunday’s game-winning score was just another play to add
to the growing list.

The Cardinals’ rookie fielded a Donnie Jones punt in
overtime, broke a couple tackles and raced 99-yards for
the score, giving the Cardinals a much-needed 19-13

“I knew it was gutsy,” Peterson said after the game, still
in uniform. “I always look at the gunners first and see
how close those guys are. I saw they were wide and I knew
the guys on the interior have to wait until the ball is
punted off and those are the slowest guys on the field so
once I saw that I had a chance”

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