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Jimmie Sherfy talks about the dudes on the Diamondbacks, dude

Reliever Jimmie Sherfy has only pitched in 18 games for the Arizona Diamondbacks over the last two seasons and maybe that just hasn’t been enough time for Sherfy to deeply get to know his teammates.

When asked to talk about his teammates, he pretty much uses one phrase to describe the other players on the D-backs: great dudes.

The adjectives range from good to great to funny, very funny, very sneaky funny, overall great, smart and very good. But they all share a common noun, dude.

Sherfy’s descriptions got us thinking about some other dudes, like Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott from the movie “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Maybe he was referring to the group of dudes from Dude Perfect, who display a little more athleticism than the guys in the movie.

But what does being a dude even mean?

According to Google, it means “a man; a guy.”

Well, now we know. Whether they are funny or smart, good or great, the D-backs have a bunch of men. Thanks for clearing that up for us Jimmie, I mean, dude!

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