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Harvard graduate and Tampa Bay QB Ryan Fitzpatrick shows off his style

Harvard graduate and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick showed off a new outfit after beating the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

An NFL jacket was only half-zipped, revealing a pair of gold chains and a trove of chest hair.

His aviator sunglasses were the perfect unnecessary accessory for a person sitting inside a stadium.

If anyone has a right to this style, it was Fitzpatrick, who lit the Eagles up for 402 yards and four touchdowns with an 81.8 percent completion rate.

After playing for seven teams over his 13 year career, Fitzpatrick seems to have taken a liking to Tampa Bay. Saturday’s game followed up a 417-yard, four touchdown performance in which he completed 75 percent of his passes against the Saints.

Others on social media saw a distinct similarity to another athlete.

While Fitzpatrick might not be a champion MMA fighter, his beard is far better than Conor McGregor’s.

One twitter user responded to SB Nation’s question “What does it look like Ryan Fitzpatrick does for a living” by comparing him to Klaw, Andy Serkis’ portrayal of one of the main villains in “Black Panther.”

The clothes are not Fitzpatrick’s, though. He “borrowed” them from the locker of DeSean Jackson, who entered the media room shirtless during Fitzpatrick’s press conference.

For all the jokes going around social media, Fitzpatrick had the best one.

“Is any of that yours?” a reporter asked Fitzpatrick in the SportsCenter video.

“The chest hair is mine,” the quarterback responded.

Arizona can feel especially proud of everybody’s new favorite passer — Fitzpatrick graduated from Highland High School in Gilbert.

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