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Arizona Wildcats score improbable touchdown against California

The Arizona Wildcats were the talk of the town after scoring their second touchdown of the night on Saturday.

And while a two-touchdown game is usually nothing to write home about, this defensive touchdown might have you breaking out the pen and paper.

Late in the third quarter, California Golden Bears quarterback Brandon McIlwain was picked off by Arizona’s Colin Schooler.

The linebacker had his sights on the end zone as he rumbled his way down the field, unknowing of the man running behind him. California wideout Jeremiah Hawkins popped the ball out of Schooler’s grasp, launching it high into the air.

That’s where Azizi Hearn’s heroics stepped in.

With the ball bouncing down near the 20-yard line, the Wildcat was able to locate the football before taking it the rest of the way for the score.

At the end of the madness, the scoring play started with an interception and ended with a fumble.

The Wildcats defense didn’t stop there.

With 3:13 left to play, McIlwain was picked off for a third time, this time by Scottie Young Jr., who returned the interception all the way for the touchdown to give the Wildcats a 24-14 lead.

California would score a late field goal, but the Wildcats would come away victorious, winning 24-17.

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