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Skelton says if healthy, Kolb will be the starter

John Skelton was asked, point blank, if he would be the
starting QB when Kevin Kolb is healthy enough to play.

“That’s not for me to say or me to speculate about,”
Skelton told Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo. “Kevin
came in as the starting quarterback. He went through his
trials and tribulations like any new quarterback in a new
system, but he’s doing everything he can to be healthy and
get his foot right.

“I’m sure if he’s healthy he will be the starter.’

There is an old adage in sports that a player never loses
his starting job to injury, and the only reason Skelton
has even been on the field the last two weeks is because
Kolb got hurt against Baltimore.

The issue, if one can call it that, is the fact that
Skelton has led the Cardinals to a pair of wins in his two
starts, and has posted a higher QB rating than the former
Eagle. Whether because of great defense, special teams,
Larry Fitzgerald’s greatness or a knack for making plays,
fans have seen No. 19 lead the Cardinals in a way Kolb has
yet to.

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