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Skelton preparing differently with starter title

Being named the started clearly had an impact on Arizona
Cardinals backup quarterback John Skelton, who has won two
straight games under the center.

But what is he doing differently to prepare as a starter?

“It’s a lot more involved,” Skelton said on Arizona Sports
620’s Big Red Rage show Thursday. “You try tell yourself
that you’re doing everything you can to prepare…but,
when it comes down to it…it’s so much different.”

Skelton was ripped last season after putting up some rough
numbers even in the wins he led the team to. The Cardinals
as a whole struggled, so there wasn’t much love for

While this season isn’t going much better, Skelton is
putting in a night-and-day season. He looks quicker,
smarter and much more in control.

“There are times when, you’re ready to go to bed, but you
know you need to look over that red zone package one more
time just to make sure you got it or you watch that extra
film,” Skelton said.

Do what you need to do, kid, so long as you keep putting
together big, game-winning drives.

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