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The Pulse: Not much expected of Phoenix Suns this season

Every day, we at ask our readers a question. It’s the Sanderson Ford Poll Question of the Day, and it can be found midway down on the right hand side of our home page

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013, we asked a very simple question heading into the Phoenix Suns’ opener: How many games will the Phoenix Suns win this season?

The choices were “0-15,” “16-25,” “26-35,” “36-36” or “More than 46.”

Votes were cast by 660 people, and the majority believe the team will win between 16-25 games, as that earned 50 percent of the vote. The next highest total belonged to the 26-35 range, which garnered 27 percent of the responses.

Now, this was before the team’s 104-91 over the Portland Trail Blazers, so maybe if asked again some folks would change their mind.

But as far as we can tell, there is not much optimism for this season on Planet Orange.