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Best Arizona Sports Haboobs of 2018

Was there a lot of winning sports stuff in 2018? No!

That doesn’t mean the Valley didn’t have its fair share of fun moments.

At the Haboob Blog, we were here all year, attempting to laugh off the sadness. To reflect on 2018, we collected some of the most laughable local sports things from the past year.

Jonah Hill, actor and Suns fans’ style icon

Actor Jonah Hill is a cultural fashion icon. The internet legitimately freaks out any time he’s wearing clothes.

And when he donned a $400 Phoenix Suns jersey tucked into his trousers, it especially hit a chord with Suns fans and beyond.

Larry Fitzgerald tackles Kurt Warner during live shot

Very retired football man Kurt Warner was stalking the sidelines during an Arizona Cardinals game when receiver Larry Fitzgerald wrapped him up.

These days, hitting a quarterback like that is probably a personal foul.

Of course Bruce Arians said some (expletive)

Cardinals fans couldn’t get enough of former coach Bruce Arians when he was on the job. And considering his next gig generally involves Arians talking to live television audiences, he was bound to have some slip-ups.

It didn’t take long for him to lose himself in analyzing a play. Arians said a Pittsburgh Steelers receiver was “wide-(expletive) open.”

No baboon: Twitter jumps all over reporter’s autocorrect goof of haboob

In honor of this blog section’s namesake, ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez’s spellcheck on his phone changed the word “haboob” to “baboon,” which greatly altered the meaning of a tweet about the D-backs and Rangers game that was delayed due to weather-caused lighting issues.

D-backs’ Archie Bradley once threw a clean inning with not clean pants

The man isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes.

Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley pooped his pants during a game. Seriously.

It looks like Deandre Ayton drew a picture of himself dunking on Embiid

Deandre Ayton found Joel Embiid’s draft-day tweet ridiculing the rookie’s defense funny. Then he drew a picture about it. And we found that funny.

Rosen draws a team logo

Josh Rosen is no artist.

Asked to draw the Arizona Cardinals’ team logo, he obliged but with concerning results.

Streaker bares all

The greenest show on grass got a little more pale when one Waste Management Phoenix Open fan decided to go streaking.

Run the pick-and-roll at double-zero

Devin Booker stashed Enes Kanter’s tweet at the Suns from a past loss, then pulled it up as Phoenix beat the New York Knicks.

Carson Palmer doesn’t look like he’s missing the football

Carson Palmer, was, um, not worrying about the football season after announcing his retirement.

Former Cardinal Deuce Lutui was hyped to make a pick for Arizona

Find yourself a better hype man than former Cardinals player Deuce Lutui.

Big Sauce’s mind explodes

Before Phoenix native Alan Williams was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, he was running into the lead singer of Nickelback at a Scottsdale joint and singing along with him.

Stephen A., known for crazy remarks, calls Josh Rosen an ‘idiot’ for remark


Al Roker missed Larry Fitzgerald’s non-retirement news

If it wasn’t clear, Al Roker is a weatherman. Not a sportsman.

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