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Kelly Oubre Jr. slaps floor for Suns, gets scored on by Doncic

The floor slap is a lost art in basketball.

When a defensive player covering the primary ball-handler is attempting to inspire his fellow defenders and themselves, the occasional floor slap will come forward.

It’s basically to let everyone know that this here defense stuff is serious.

The gesture has faded away with time, growing less cool and more corny by the day according to the general consensus.

We still see one every now and then, but there’s often a feeling of disrespect from the other side when it occurs.

On Wednesday night, Phoenix Suns wing Kelly Oubre Jr. slapped the hardwood while defending Dallas Mavericks rookie wing Luka Doncic.

Oubre played nearly perfect defense on Doncic, sticking with him as he got inside the three-point line and contested the shot.

Doncic, though, put the nail in the coffin by hitting a one-handed fallaway over Oubre.

Twitter reacted to the sequence, noting that it is universally known that you cannot be scored on if you slap the floor.

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