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Drop it like it’s hot: Snoop Dogg is the NHL’s newest play-by-play voice

The Los Angeles Kings aren’t having the best season on the ice, but the team earned a win by introducing the world to the hockey play-by-play skills of rapper Snoop Dogg.

The Kings let Snoop take over play-by-play during the first period of the Kings’ home game Saturday against the Pittsburgh Penguins and the result was, well, extremely entertaining.

Here are Snoop’s best lines from his hockey play-by-play debut.

— On his experience with the Stanley Cup: “See these rings right here? We’ve had a chance twice to bring home that cup…and I’ve drunk out of Stanley before. Say that ain’t so.”

— Snoop’s analysis of a Kings’ scoring chance: “Push it, push it, run the weave! Come on now!”

— On a scrap after the whistle breaks out: “Oh watch out, he’s throwin’ on him! He’s firing on cuz hold on now! Get it crackin’ there let’s go! Snoop Dogg in the house let me see something!”

Not only was Snoop’s play-by-play debut a success, but the Kings beat the Penguins, 5-2.

Maybe more of Snoop’s gin and juice in the booth is what the Kings, who have the worst record in the Western Conference, will need to jump back into the playoff race.

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