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Whisenhunt says mindset is the difference with Beanie

Whisenhunt Says Mindset is the Difference With Beanie

Everyone can agree that Chris “Beanie” Wells looks like a
different running back this year. In eleven weeks he has
849 yards on 181 attempts, and he’s averaging 4.7 yards
per carry with eight touchdowns. He’s running like a man
possessed…something we didn’t see from Wells last season.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt thinks the mental and physical
aspects of the game go hand-in-hand for Wells.

“There’s no question last year that he was dealing some
things physically, but I think with any player there’s
gotta be a way you go about this business. You understand
it’s a long season. It’s no reflection on Beanie saying
that he’s not tough or he is tough, it’s really
understanding what you have to do.”

Wells set a new franchise rushing record in the win over
the Rams last Sunday. He ran for 228 yards and a touchdown
on 27 carries.

Beanie said he did have a different mindset going into
this season when he knew he was “the guy.”

“Absolutely. Cause the coaches kind of put a sense of
responsibility on you and I took it this year and ran

We’ll see if Beanie can help his team this week with
another solid run game against the Cowboys and take some
pressure off the passing game. Kevin Kolb is just coming
back from injury and a Cowboys’ pass rush that just won’t