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Fingers crossed: Devin Booker dons RFA-to-be D’Angelo Russell’s jersey


A photo of Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker out on a boat in the water is making the rounds on Instagram.

The context, though, is what Booker is wearing.

That’s Brooklyn Nets point guard and close friend of Booker D’Angelo Russell’s All-Star jersey. And that’s Russell sharing the photo on his Instagram profile.

Tampering jokes aside, where the headline lies is on Booker’s own Instagram page.

An Instagram user by the name of Antonio Russell who lists himself as “Loading Management Team” in his bio posted the image, tagging Booker and Russell. For additional context, Russell’s nickname is D-Loading, hence the “Loading Management Team.”

The cherry on top was a fingers crossed emoji next to Booker’s handle.

Russell, 23, is a restricted free agent this summer and is having a career year in Brooklyn. The Nets, though, just re-signed point guard Spencer Dinwiddie to a three-year extension and also have wing Caris LeVert as two long-term perimeter pieces to build around.

The Suns most notably have needed a point guard all season and will still need one this offseason. Booker and Russell have been long-time pals. Booker vacationed with Russell this past offseason and was extremely supportive of both Russell and other close friend Karl-Anthony Towns making the All-Star Game this season.

And if you don’t remember, Booker has pulled off similar shenanigans in the past.

On an ESPN podcast in May of 2018, it was suggested that there was trouble between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Towns.

That headline of a story aggregated off that was found interesting by Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine and Booker found it interesting that he found it interesting.

Under an hour later, Booker tweeted a photo of Towns wearing his jersey.

In no surprise, Booker would probably like to play basketball with his friends.

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