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Ray Horton has ‘supreme confidence’ in D

The defense has been a work in progress under new
coordinator Ray Horton this season, but with each week you
can see their confidence growing along with their scheme.

“I have now supreme confidence now to call anything on my
list where really if you go back to the Seattle game,
which is week three, there was nothing on our list to call
and the players understood that.”

Horton also emphasized that this team wants to take on
more each week and things are really starting to “click.”

“I like the understanding we have of our defense now. In
fact, we’ve added a bunch of stuff this week so they’ve
taken huge strides. They made a mistake in practice and I
said don’t worry about it, I’m not gonna call it, I’m
gonna throw the play out and they all said ‘no, put the
play in.’ They want to be good. They want to be exotic.
They’ve grown leaps and bounds from Carolina and
Washington where we couldn’t get lined up on the right

Horton expects more from his defense each week, but most
importantly he sees something to build off of…a great

“Accountability. They want to be good and they want to be
held accountable for their team and they want to see what
this defense can do.”

Well…Horton and the Cardinals will have another chance to
see what this D can do on Sunday when they host the Dallas