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49ers’ Shanahan opens up about his frustrating Madden experiences

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has one of the most well-respected offensive minds in the game of football today.

But when it comes to Madden, he may need some practice.

Believe it or not, Shanahan’s wizardry with a playbook does not make him good at the game.

In an interview with former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, Shanahan opened up about his tough experiences with the popular football video game:

“[Shanahan] would play Madden in college like he was a real coach,” Simms said. “He wondered why he couldn’t win.”

Shanahan found it frustrating that the game was not realistic.

“I’ve got these second graders talking so bad to me about how [I] don’t know anything,” Shanahan said.

In the interview, the former Falcons offensive coordinator reminisced about his times where he found himself coaching his team in the game maybe a little too much.

“I’m playing kids and there is a support issue,” Shanahan said. “So I’m bringing my receiver down to crack on him and it’s not working.”

Now there is one thing you can learn from this: if you are beating someone by 40 in Madden and are wondering why they are using every play in the 49ers playbook, you might just be playing Kyle Shanahan.