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Frye, Jefferson still clown LeBron James, even after he passes MJ

If you are not aware of the dynamic between former Arizona Wildcats Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson then boy are you in a treat.

The two former teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers are top-notch banter with each other, using wit and sarcasm to high degrees.

They turned that into quite a successful podcast, the “Road Trippin’ Podcast,” which was unfairly taken away from us when Jefferson was traded.

Frye is still with the Cavaliers while Jefferson has retired and is now a member of the media. The best buds were reunited on Wednesday night after a Cleveland game on the same night in which their former teammate LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list.

The two took the opportunity to congratulate James on the milestone. Well, in their own way.

From James’ consistency ball-hogging to taking way too long to do pass Jordan, the two told James the achievement was not happening to a better person. Except for the two of them, of course.