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Vet back from Afghanistan surprises kids during D-backs’ hot dog race

The Arizona Diamondbacks helped a long-time military veteran surprise his three children Tuesday with the distraction of an in-game hot dog race.

The race’s participants, siblings Sienna (12 years old), Dominique (6) and Max (5), raced one another without knowing that their father, who just returned from Afghanistan, was standing at the finish line. That reality became clear to them mid-race as the stadium’s announcer welcomed Afghan special operations brigade advisor Sean Trickett to Salt River Fields.

Trickett, an 18-year veteran who has served in the Army and for the U.S. Marine Corps, has been deployed to Iraq, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

A Diamondbacks fan, he has also served as a master instructor at the U.S. Army Intelligence Training Center at Fort Huachuca.

The surprise at the ballpark also marked a special day for Trickett and his wife Patty, who went on their first date eight years ago Tuesday.

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