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Beanie Wells not worried about his workload

Here’s a shocker: Beanie Wells wants the ball.

The running back, who is in the midst of a career season,
has rushed the ball 201 times, good for an average of 18.3
times per game.

Some think that’s not enough, but the player deferred to
his coaches when it comes to how big his workload should

“I follow the coaches’ game plan, I trust in what they’re
doing,” Wells told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf.
“I’ve always been vocal about it before, I love getting
the football, I love getting it in crunch-time situations,
so I’m never going to shy away from that at all.”

In other words, don’t expect Wells to try and talk the
coaches into giving him the ball.

“The coaches know I want the football and I don’t really
care how I get it — I just want it,” he said. “But I’m
not in there calling plays or picking which play I like to
run better, anything like that.”

Wells has grown up quite a bit this season, whether by
playing through pain or simply becoming a better running
back. He’s voiced displeasure over a lack of touches
before, so not doing so anymore may be another sign of
just how far he’s come.

Of course, Wells is averaging 4.6 yards per carry
and has scored nine times, so as long as he keeps playing
like that and takes care of the football, he won’t have to
worry about his workload.