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England probably won’t like Alex Morgan’s tea-sipping gesture

The English aren’t going to like that!

The United States had already rubbed their British counterparts the wrong way heading into the FIFA Women’s World Cup semifinals. Apparently, putting a 13-spot on Thailand and then sending the national team’s reps to scout out a potential hotel before winning their prior game were actions of arrogance. England’s head coach, Gary Neville,” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>said as much.

So he’s certainly not going to like American Alex Morgan sipping a cup of tea — pinky out — after the USA took a 2-1 lead on England in the first half of their matchup on Tuesday.

The post-goal celebration went over much better across the Atlantic, where Americans don’t feel morally questionable by celebrating a goal in a game of sport.

Did we mention it’s Alex Morgan’s birthday today?

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