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Kelly Oubre Jr. had his ValleyBoyz merch ready to go

(Screenshot @KellyOubreJr / Instagram)

Kelly Oubre Jr. didn’t let the cat out of his bag until he got the bag.

It took 10 days of negotiating before he and the Phoenix Suns agreed to return the 23-year-old forward to the Valley on a two-year, $30 million contract. For the sake of keeping some leverage, it’s unlikely Oubre let Suns general manager James Jones know that he’d been prepared to come back to Phoenix all along.

How do we know?

That ValleyBoyz merch looks pretty ready to go. Oubre posted screenshots of a ValleyBoyz hoodie and t-shirt to his Instagram story on Wednesday after news broke of his re-signing with the Suns.

The hoodie features an Old Town Road-ish image of what appears to be Phoenix players riding horses through the desert with “Valley Boyz” laid on top of it. The cuffs of the sleeves include a logo of a double revolver paired with “PHX” and “AZ” text.

On the back of the hoodies is a list of dates and NBA cities. It appears to be a reminder of 14 of the Suns’ 19 wins from a year ago, not including five games that were parts of winning streaks.

That’s not a bad motivational tactic.

It’s unclear whether Oubre will make his merchandise available to Suns fans, but there’s no doubt people will snap the items up if and when that happens.

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