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Tim Locastro channels inner Happy Gilmore ahead of D-backs’ second half

Getting hit by baseballs is something Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Tim Locastro is really good at. He does it all the time.

In just 47 games this year, he’s been hit by a pitch 13 times. Is his elbow pad regulation size, or what?

Well, on Thursday, in preparation for the post-All-Star break portion of the D-backs’ season, Locastro stepped into the batting cage and took a few pitches off of his body, a la Happy Gilmore, to prepare for what likely is ahead of him in the second half.

It’s a re-do of this scene (WARNING: contains explicit language) from the 1996 Adam Sandler film.

In the movie, a child exits the cage warning Happy that he should wear a helmet, and the character Chubbs stands and watches Happy’s lunacy. In the D-backs’ re-do, the child is played by Blake Swihart and Chubbs is played by hitting coach Darnell Coles.

We’re not sure how good Locastro is at golf, so maybe he could use a free lesson from Shooter McGavin — especially if he expects to play in the Waterbury Open.

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