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Cardinals’ sideline fruit cart steals the show at training camp

Arizona Cardinals RB David Johnson laughs with teammates after taking a break at the fruit cart Friday, July 26, 2019, in Glendale, Ariz. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports)

There’s something brand new at Cardinals training camp this year that has been exciting and surpassed expectation.

That’s right — a fruit cart has been placed on the sidelines for players to snack during practice, a la pee wee soccer, which has drawn tongue-and-cheek Twitter comments from spectators and media.

To those chuckling, the fruit actually does provide a great value to the players, who can use the potassium of a banana or the vitamin C of some orange slices to stave off cramps and aid muscle recovery.

Still, there’s something innocently funny about it.

Oh — and how could we forget? There’s also a new quarterback and head coach at camp this year, which may be part of why a few things are different from years past.

Kyler Murray also has wowed some fans and media — just maybe not to the extent that the fruit cart has. But what can you say? It was an unfair competition from the start.

An old video resurfaced Friday of head coach Kliff Kingsbury telling media that if he had the chance, he’d put a fruit cart on the sideline at NFL training camp. Little did he know he’d someday have that very opportunity.

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