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HBO reportedly in talks to feature ASU on ‘Hard Knocks’-like show

(Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s football season.

And with that comes HBO’s annual edition of “Hard Knocks,” a multiple-episode show with an in-depth look of one NFL team’s training camp and preseason.

The network is in talks to do a similar college version that will feature Arizona State, as well as Alabama, Penn State and Washington State, ESPN confirmed on Tuesday.

On Monday, Devils Digest first reported that ASU’s edition will occur during the week of its home game against Washington State on Oct. 12.

“As we do with all opportunities we feel can enhance our program, we are exploring the prospect of working on this project with the appropriate officials from all parties involved,” Penn State said in a statement.

According to ESPN, the schools have discussed permitting cameras to record each program for a week, but the details of how HBO plans to do so have not been disclosed, as a network spokesman said there is nothing to be announced at this time.

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