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Hey look, a QB not on the Cardinals got a false start clapping penalty

It’s not just the Arizona Cardinals, people.

Clapping took center stage of the football world for a brief moment in Week 2 of the preseason when Kyler Murray was penalized for false start penalties against the Oakland Raiders and the week prior as well. The Monday Night Football crew tried to explain the call, failing to contradict the rules and replays in the process.

The great mystery and discussion going into the following game was if Murray would continue to do the clapping, a staple of college-style offenses.

He stopped while backup Brett Hundley continued, and Hundley was penalized as well in both that game and in Week 4.

From all perspectives, it seemed like the referees were locked in on the Cardinals specifically with that call. There was no precedent anywhere else for the call being made consistently.

Well, in the NFL’s season opener on Thursday night, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers got that penalty called on him in the second quarter.

To everyone who avoided the hand-motion headache in Cardinals land, they were extremely confused at why it was a penalty and/or upset about the rule.

Meanwhile, those who were around the clapping circus were entertained.

I mean, at least someone else is getting called for it now, no?

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