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Arizona Sports community shares #GirlDad photos following Kobe tragedy

(Twitter photos, @Burnsy987, @Jumpshot8)

The tragedy that killed former Lakers star Kobe Bryant on Sunday claimed the lives of eight others, too. One of those was Bryant’s daughter.

The accident had one great positive influence: It reminded others of the preciousness of life, and cause people to reflect on the fortune of having loved ones around you.

One such example of that was the #GirlDad hashtag that was trending on Twitter on Tuesday, where people shared photos of dads and their daughters. The idea largely stemmed from an ESPN segment in which Sportscenter anchor Elle Duncan shared a story about Bryant and his passion for being a father of girls:

The Burns & Gambo show got on that topic, and host Dave Burns shared a photo of himself and his daughter on Twitter.

Here’s that photo, along with many others that poured in to follow suit with the hashtag and a discussion on Burns & Gambo this week:

Burns & Gambo