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Kingsbury hooks up Mahomes’ high school coach with Super Bowl tickets

Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, center, and Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, right, walk off the playing field defeating Baylor in an NCAA college football game Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

The high school coach of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wanted to support the young NFL star in person this Sunday.

It’s just that dropping several grand, at minimum, isn’t exactly the financially prudent thing to do for most people.

Adam Cook, who coached Mahomes at Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas, wasn’t expecting Super Bowl LIV tickets to land on his desk. But a surprise source came through for him.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who recruited Mahomes to Texas Tech, texted Cook out of the blue last Thursday, offering him a ticket.

Cook was blown away.

He wrote a letter to Kingsbury’s father, Tim, a legendary high school coach in Texas, not only to thank Kliff but to speak on the message the generosity sent.

So how did Kingsbury find out about Cook’s situation?

According to’s Darren Urban, Los Angeles Times NFL reporter Sam Farmer was working on a story about Mahomes and called Kingsbury after speaking to Cook.

In passing, Farmer said Cook wanted to attend Super Bowl LIV between the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. He just didn’t have a ticket.

Kingsbury knew he could help.

Based on Cook’s letter to Tim Kingsbury, the offer meant more than attending the biggest sporting event of the year and more than watching his former high school quarterback sling it.

“A coach’s kid gets it; I know you understand,” part of Cook’s letter read. “The opportunity to watch Patrick start in his first Super Bowl will be forever etched within my heart. I will try my best to take it all in and return to share with his biggest fans in our little East Texas community.

“Kliff passed something on when my two boys heard what he had given me. I hope Sam and Caleb take not of his example and allow it to seep down into their souls and decide to pass it along through their ride.”

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