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Mike Hazen narrates while kids run Hot Dog Derby from home

If you’ve been to enough games at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, you may be familiar with the Hot Dog Derby.

It’s a game that’s played between innings in which three kids are given big hot dog costumes to wear, and they run in place on the warning track as corresponding hot dog characters on the screen race each other. Ketchup, mustard and relish battle it out and eventually cross a finish line, and prizes are doled out accordingly.

Thursday was supposed to be the first Hot Dog Derby of the regular season as the D-backs were slated to have Opening Day in their home ballpark, but coronavirus postponed the season.

Therefore, general manager Mike Hazen and his family gathered in the backyard to have a remote Hot Dog Derby.

With four participants, one represented onion, a hot dog topping not normally represented in the Derby at Chase Field.

“We’ve got the four contestants. Watch out for the green one — no one trusts the green one,” Hazen said. “The loser gets traded to another family.”

Ketchup, represented by John, won the race. Charlie, representing onion, was taken out mid-race.

“I was tackled,” Charlie complained.

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