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Suns’ Mikal Bridges loves Chipotle more than you love Chipotle

Do you have an old faithful when it comes to eating out, that one spot you can rely on no matter where you are?

Phoenix Suns wing Mikal Bridges has Chipotle. In a video feature from CloseUp360, Bridges visits a Chipotle and talks us through his obsession for its food.

With life on the road, Bridges admitted that he would look to room service quite a bit. But ever since he first tried Chipotle in high school, he was addicted. And from there, it has become his go-to at home and away from it.

As someone who can attest to the reliability of Chipotle, Bridges notes that it’s somewhere he can go and save another order for later in the day. Chipotle’s also a relatively healthy option when compared to other fast casual and fast food restaurants that Bridges and other athletes on the road could be lured into.

Bridges attained the dream many Chipotle customers wish for in receiving his own personalized Chipotle card. That allows Bridges to have one free order a day from Chipotle, so he can stock up on his day’s worth of food on the road free of charge.

“Me posting on my social media every time I came here, which was like every day,” Bridges said.

Smart man.

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