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Trivia Tuesday: Each MLB team’s last league-leader in HRs

The 2019 baseball season produced home runs at a dizzying rate.

But, with the sport on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, we haven’t been able to gauge whether or not last season was an anomaly or if this season would have provided just as many souvenir balls.

So we can only look back. The Trivia Tuesday staff discovered that 29 of the current 30 big-league teams have had at least one league home run champion in their recent histories (going back to 1969). Yes, only the Houston Astros haven’t had a league leader — and they’ve played in both leagues!

That’s your Trivia Tuesday challenge this week — name each franchise’s most recent home run king. For Houston (marked with an asterisk, and no, not for the reason they deserve to be), just name their last player to finish second in the league in dingers.

You’ve got eight minutes to complete the task … good luck!

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