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Atlanta Falcons release new uniforms early, turn to black

Photographs from the Atlanta Falcons’ shoot for their jersey reveal leaked Tuesday, and the team moved up the uniform release six days, dropping them officially on Wednesday morning.

The updated uniforms are clean and more heavily feature the color black.

There are two black uniforms in the new set — a retro look and a modern one — as well as white and red-and-black gradient uniforms. There are red, black and white pants as well.

The Falcons’ logo, which was last changed in 2003, will remain the same. But it appears on the all-black helmets 30% larger than the previous sets.

The designs, which the team said had been in the works since 2016, aimed to tick three boxes: own red but bring back black, keep it simple and reflect the modern city while calling back to the past.

Other than the retro uniform alternate, every jersey now reads “ATL” on the front.

“We know this is a tough time for everyone right now, but we hope this can bring some excitement and light to our city and our fans,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said in a release. “Around the whole world everybody knows what ATL stands for, so we’re proud to represent that, today and every day.”

The new-era uniforms are clean other than a stripe running down the sides of the jerseys and pants — it was taken from the wing of the Falcons logo — and a shadow complementary color on the boxy new numeral fonts.

“Just letting them know exactly what we’re playing for, the city we’re playing for,” linebacker Deion Jones said in the release. “There are a lot of people in this city that ride for the Falcons, and we want to let them know that we’re riding for them, also. I like that.”

The uniforms will not go on sale to fans until Tuesday, the originally planned release date.

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