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Levi Brown has ‘unfinished business’ in Arizona

TEMPE, Ariz. — Levi Brown was not looking for a fresh

The offensive lineman who was cut by the Cardinals in
March – only to return shortly thereafter – said he wasn’t
really looking to escape the only NFL franchise he’s ever
played for.

“Once the Cardinals released me, went to free agency, saw
the offers from all the teams, weighed the options,” Brown
said Monday at the team’s voluntary workouts, “I felt like
coming back here was the best fit.”

That may be hard to believe, especially when you consider
how much criticism Brown has faced since being drafted
fifth overall by the team in 2007. Whether he’s been at
right tackle, as he was early in his career, or left
tackle, where he’s spent the last two seasons, Brown has
been a target for fans and media alike, essentially
epitomizing all that was wrong with the team’s offensive

Interestingly enough, that’s part of the reason Brown came

“There’s like unfinished business here,” he said. “My
career so far has been up and down, I feel like I need to
prove what I’m capable of and just set the record

The Cardinals are banking on him doing just that, as they
did not sign him to a five-year, $30 million deal out of
appreciating for what he’s done in the past. No, they’re
expecting the 28-year-old Penn State alum to build off a
strong finish to 2011 and help solidify the offensive

Brown said he expects to stay at left tackle, which would
mean he would be protecting Kevin Kolb’s blind side. Of
course, for a short time it seemed like he would be
blocking for Peyton Manning. Brown said he is impressed
with how Kolb has handled the situation.

“I would have been pissed,” Brown said. “But he hasn’t
really said anything; I’m sure he has his own feelings
about it.”

As far as Brown is concerned, it would have been too soon
to give up on Kolb, who the team traded for last summer.

“You get a guy one year and just be done with it,” he
asked. “I think you stick with a guy, give him a chance to
work and get better, see where you can go.

“I think he’s a good quarterback, I think we can win with