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Phoenix Rising offering fan cutouts for July 11 match with donation

(Photo courtesy of Phoenix Rising FC)

PHOENIX — While Phoenix Rising FC is slated to return to action in front of an empty stadium, fans can still be a part of the match and help out the community.

PRFC announced Friday it is offering fan cutouts to its July 11 matchup with LA Galaxy II for a $25 donation to Black Family & Child Services. For an additional $10, fans can also receive a Rising Against Racism t-shirt. The match can be viewed on ESPN Deportes.

“There’s nothing better than playing at home and having your fans there,” Rising GM Bobby Dulle told Arizona Sports’ #UpRising podcast Friday. “They truly gives us an extra gear. That emotion that we draw from our fans, I think our record is indicative of that over the past couple seasons.

“Our fans are fantastic. They’re vocal, they’re loud, they’re tough on the opponent. They’re tough on us when they need to be tough on us but at the end of the day, they are always there to support us. Their energy is something our players feed off of, so without that, the next best thing we can do is show our players that they’re still there in spirit.”

Phoenix will add a photo of your choosing in a 36-by-22-inch cardboard cutout and place it in the stands.

Photos must be uploaded by Monday, the Rising said.

All proceeds raised will benefit Black Family & Child Services.

Fans are also invited to a drive-thru event on July 9 between 4 and 7:30 p.m. During this event, fans can drop off signs that will be placed in the stadium during the game, and in exchange, fans will be given a team poster.

More information about that event can be found here.