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Concussion symptoms plagued Kolb into offseason

No matter how you slice it, 2011 was a tough year for
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Sure, he got a chance to be a starter and received a
healthy new contract upon being acquired via trade by the
Cardinals, but things on the field didn’t go exactly
according to plan.

Kolb, who had missed four games with a turf toe injury,
saw his season come to a premature end in Week 14 when he
suffered a concussion after getting a knee to the head
from San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks.

Though he was around the team for the final three games of
the year, Kolb was still plagued by symptoms well into the

“Probably three weeks after the season was over,” Kolb
responded when asked about how long it took for the
effects of the concussion to disappear. “To be honest
with you, when I first went home it was still pretty

“It kind of worried me because I figured once I got away
from the game it would clear up pretty fast, but it didn’t
and I stayed in contact with our guys here and within
three or four days after that three-week period, it was

Kolb was fully healthy as the team gathered at their Tempe
training facility, and is looking forward to building
team-wide chemistry with teammates during the spring, an
opportunity he wasn’t afforded last season due to the NFL
labor dispute.

“We’ve got a lot of new guys, I think there’s 22 guys that
have been through this offseason before, so with a hundred
people in here, we have a lot of relationships to build,”
he said. “We had a good turnout (Monday), and it looks
a good group, so we’ll be rolling.”

Arizona Sports’ Adam Green contributed to this